• Walking Food Tasting Tour

Walking Food Tasting Tour

  • 4 hours
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4 hours
The Capital
Naxos Town or Chora is the island's governing and commercial center. It's impressive how a so small area can combine so many pages of history. From the golden period of the 5th B.C. century to the Venetian Empire of 13th A.D. till nowadays was an attractive place for all these who wanted to assure their food as this land, as Naxian says, is blessed. Chora is the most crowded place but be sure that you will feel unique in every step cause of the well-known hospitality.

The Experience
Every step and a small bite. Discovering every beautiful spot of Chora and strolling around the Venetian Castle's picturesque paths, we will join mini tasting sessions which include the bests of local gastronomy. Choice meat, unique cheeses, golden potatoes, fruity wines, local beers and divine desserts with the famous Kitron Liqueur are the colors of our palette. We recommend to join us during the first days on the island because we want to reveal the most valuable tips!
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Walking Food Tasting Tour


Saturday, 1st October 2022 @ 18:00
4 hours

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